DDoS Protection FAQ

What Capacity, What Technology, How Can We DefeatDDoS? Too Many Question !

  • Can We Really Defeat DDoS?

    Yes, We really can. Our DDoS mitigation systems are able to intelligently filter bad traffic away. If someone figures out how to crack it, we will know in seconds and our security team will update the algorithms immediately.

  • What Technology Do We Use?

    We have filtering nodes on huge interstate channels operated by leading communications companies. Geodistributed filtering infranet, modern equipment & innovative software solutions allow us to provide the best service.

  • To What Capacity, I am Protected?

    It depends on the plan you choose as we are offering different capacities for different locations i.e; 10GB/sec, 140GB/sec, 320GB/sec & 500GB/sec; and we guarantee L4 & L7 protections against all types off attacks within these ranges.

  • Visitor's Real IP (Remote Protection)

    HTTP X-Real-IP and X-Forwarder-For headers already send you the real user IP address. Please, configure the mod_rpaf for Apache or the http_real_ip for Nginx in order to let your webserver correctly handle these headers.

  • HTTPs/SSL on Remote Protection

    Yes, sure. Your SSL certificate is needed to set up this service. You will be given a dedicated IP address, which you should switch your DNS A records to.

  • Will Protection Effect SEO Ranking

    Certainly not. One of our priorities is the transparency of the service provided to legitimate users, which the search engines can be referred to as well. We continually monitor the needs of legal mechanisms for websites indexing.

  • How to Contact Support

    We provide support via email, support tickets and live chat. For general and sales questions please feel to use any of these methods. For technical assistance please submit a ticket with detailed information on your issue enclosed.

  • Payments & Contract Period

    Minimum service term is 1 month, maximum - 12 months. Standard billing cycle is 1 month, we operate on a prepaid basis. At this point of time we do accept, Paypal, Skrills, Webmoney, PerfectMoney, Western Union & BTC & Bank Transfer*.

  • Still not Convinced?

    If you are still confused and not really convinced or having a other questions, feel free to drop us an email, we will get back to you within few hours;


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