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DefeatDDoS Profile:

July 2014

Company History:

We are a customer oriented, a specialized & professional ddos protection company providing various preconfigured and customizable products and services to our clients in partnership with multiple DC's. Our company is a privately owned, customer oriented hosting company with highly skilled employees at every level of organizational structure. Whatever your requirements are, we are here to provide a solution that would meet your requirements best.

The people that work here at DefeatDDoS not only have the knowledge to keep your servers protected against ddos attacks and provide you with the support you need to enjoy best uptime. We take our customer's web based infrastructure to a new level: high-end hardware, enterprise-class solutions, multiple redundant connections and proven bandwidth providers enable us to achieve uptime that, in fact, exceeds 99.8% while guaranteeing minimal latency and impressive connection speeds all over the web.

Even with our top of the line technology, global DDoS protection, blazing fast internet speeds, and near perfect up time records we believe that providing you with the best customer support is still our top priority. In order to make sure we provide you with the best customer service in the Industry.

How We Defeat DDoS:

Our network is proactively filtered in 3 different stages (upstreams, core-routers, distribution routers) and dynamically filtered in 2 stages (distribution routers, firewalls). Our NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System) device captures inbound traffic, detects and logs malicious traffic, analyzes it and finally provides the most appropriate filtering rules (layers 3-7) to our network firewalls by filtering the attack(s) with the least possible loss of legit traffic.

We permanently improve our filtering methods, network performance, as well as software and hardware we use for our networks. Tomorrow we will have even better protection than today and will provide more extra-quality services. We handle IP malformed, ICMP flood, TCP SYN flood, TCP-malformed, UDP-malformed, ICMP smurf, SlowLoris, HTTP POST flood, HTTP Slow POST and many other kinds of DDoS attacks.

Our Promise:

To reply to your emails and support tickets as quickly as possible.
To treat a customer server as if it was our own.
To be reachable, friendly & helpful all the times.

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